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Rocky Flats group boosts efforts to grow jobs

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Champion d'arène.
Champion d'arène.

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Inscrit le: 11 Mar 2009
Messages: 4

MessagePosté le: Jeu 12 Mar - 01:55 (2009)    Sujet du message: Rocky Flats group boosts efforts to grow jobs Répondre en citant

The cleanup of Rocky Flats and surrounding areas could create more than 2,000 new jobs during the next five years, according to a group that's guiding the former nuclear weapon plant's transition to an environmental technology site.wow power leveling, The group, known as the Rocky Flats Local Impacts Initiative, recently has stepped up its efforts to create new manufacturing and environmental technology jobs in an effort to replace the jobs lost when Rocky Flats went out of the business of building triggers for nuclear weapons at the end of the Cold War. Efforts to recycle jobs into the civilian sector will be touted by Energy Secretary Federico Pena at the Jefferson County Commissioners Forum, Aug. 7, at the Sheraton Denver West Hotel.wow gold, From 1994 until 1996, the initiative spent $4 million on training programs aimed at recycling the skills of laid-off weapons plant workers. The Department of Energy recently awarded a second $4 million grant to the initiative to continue the training program and other job creation efforts throughout 1997 and 1998. The new money will fund the Entrepreneur Resource Program and the Entrepreneur Technical Assistance Program, two efforts designed to give former Rocky Flats workers the opportunity to wow gold, start their own businesses. Here's a closer look at the two programs and other economic efforts in the Rocky Flats corridor: Grants and advice to budding business owners The Entrepreneur Resource Program provides management assistance such as legal, marketing, accounting and product development services to small businesses. The program gives out $5,000 grants to individual companies to "help businesses grow and create jobs," said project manager Rhonda Zeschin. "We have six targeted industries we are trying to develop. wow gold, These are the kinds of industries Rocky Flats workers could transfer into," she said. Environmental technologies, biomedical equipment, computer hardware, advanced manufacturing technology, advanced structural materials and telecommunications are the six industries that would work best to integrate former Rocky Flats employees into the work force. To qualify for a grant, a company must have "25 employees or less, be in one of the six industries and have potential for job growth," Zeschin said. The money can be used to develop a business plan or marketing materials for a new product. It also can be used to lease spacewow gold, at a technology incubator. Rocky Flats workers who would like to start their own businesses are also eligible for the grant program. In this case, it does not matter what kind of business they would like to start. The program has helped start everything from bakeries to biomedical companies. Begun in April 1995, the program already has helped more than 250 companies and those entities are projected to create more than 1,700 jobs in the next three years, Zeschin said. The program supports companies in a 10-county area, from Weld and Larimer to Douglas. With a budget of $650,545 in 1997, the program is slated to generate the most jobs of any of the initiative's economic development programs. The program also provides research through the University of Colorado Business wow gold, Advancement Center. "We give them $150 worth of online research above and beyond the $5,000. If they need more than that it comes out of the $5,000," she said. The program is budgeted for an additional $500,000 in 1998. Helping scientists commercialize their ideas Administered by the Colorado School of Mines' Colorado Advanced Materials Institute, the Entrepreneur Technical Assistance Program partners technology-based companies with Colorado universities "to help them commercialize their products and create permanent high wage jobs," Zeschin said. Small companies are paired with universities "to provide research and development assistance to small businesses that otherwise couldn't afford it," WOW power leveling, said Sue Purcell, manager of corporate outreach programs at the Colorado School of Mines. Purcell sits on the program's review and selection board, which is made up of community members, universities, government and research institutes. The technical assistance program, which is funded by the Department of Energy, is in its third year of operation. The program solicits proposals from companies or individuals involved in manufacturing or technology-based businesses for grants of $75,000 each. The DOE budgeted $347,945 in 1997 and another $300,000 in 1998 to the program. The program will fund eight projects over the next two years. "It's a great program. I love reading the proposals," Purcell said. "There are very good ideas out there and reasons to be optimistic." The technical assistance program also gives priority to Rocky wow gold, Flats workers and companies promoting technology developed and licensed at Rocky Flats. The best part about the program is that the review board acts more as a mentoring body than a judgmental body, Purcell said. Each member of the board brings to the table a wealth of experience either in business, wotlk gold, entrepreneurship or finance, and shares advice and business contacts with every company that comes before them, regardless if they are the ones receiving the grants. The program funded 14 businesses last year. Onsite development begins to get rolling The Rocky Flats Local Impacts Initiative is also one step closer to converting industrial buildings at the site into leasable space. Two industrial buildings at Rocky Flats have been cleaned up and are in the process of being leased to a manufacturing company in the area. Manufacturing Sciences Corp.wow gold, the company that cleaned up and refurbished the two buildings, was awarded the bid to lease the properties and turn them into a radioactive metals recycling business. The deal is expected to be completed Aug. 1, according to Tim Heaton, the company's corporate director for strategic planning and community affairs. The Colorado-based corporation has a similar plant in Oak Ridge, Tenn., that has been very successful. Its plan is to recycle radioactive and other scrap metals at Rocky Flats and other DOE facilities into hazardous waste containers. "Our job is to help get rid of waste, not create more waste," Heaton said. That is why the company proposed recycling the buildings at Rocky Flats rather than building new ones on "a green field that will then become contaminated," he said. The four buildings the company is interested in are manufacturing buildings, with melting furnaces, rolling mills and presses that can be used to fabricate the contaminated materials into items such as metal drums. Manufacturing Sciences also has been approached by other companies that would like to use the rolling mill and forming presses for their own businesses, but the company can't negotiate a deal with these other businesses until the DOE signs their lease. The company has 44 employees at Rocky Flats and once its lease is in place, hopes to boost that number to 100 or more. The lease to Manufacturing Sciences is part of the National Conversion Pilot Project. Eight buildings at Rocky Flats have been identified as potential reuse buildings, but nothing will be done with them until the success of Manufacturing Sciences' operation is evaluated.
Rocky Flats group boosts efforts to grow jobs

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MessagePosté le: Jeu 12 Mar - 01:55 (2009)    Sujet du message: Publicité

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Champion d'arène.
Champion d'arène.

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Inscrit le: 26 Juin 2009
Messages: 6

MessagePosté le: Ven 26 Juin - 05:04 (2009)    Sujet du message: Rocky Flats group boosts efforts to grow jobs Répondre en citant

Bidding for and hosting the Olympics successfully is, perhaps, the ultimate glory for a city. However, before transforming the dream into reality, the benefits and drawbacks of bidding for the Olympics should be weighed carefully.

Hosting the Olympics surely would bring about much gain to a city. Boom of the local economy, more jobs, and the possibility of generating income all sound extremely attractive to the municipal government. At the same time, better infrastructure, cleaner environment, enjoying the spectacular game with hundreds of sports elites and entertainment stars, and the opportunity of contacting people from all over the world also seem exciting to the citizens. Besides, the bidding will definitely promote the patriotic emotion and pride, as well as the moral behavior in local people. In most cases, bidding for the Olympics is well supported by both the public and the central government.

Unfortunately, this is not the entire view of the pretty picture. If looking from another angle, the Olympic bid might bring about some side-effects to a city. wow power leveling,
First of all, the environmental impacts, including the increasing exhaust fumes of cars, more pressure on water resources, huge amount of wasted leaflets and other materials used for public activities, are most probably neglected. In order to broaden the streets, some trees may have to be cut. Near the construction site, the tiny dust may linger in the air for a long time. Reduction of farmland may be caused by the need of setting up new sports centre or accommodation facilities. These environmental consequences can be especially serious in a resource-limited and densely-populated city in a third-world country.

Besides, if talking about the economic benefit, it should not be forgotten that a quick boosting may lead to bubble growth, which may easily crash. If not well managed and organized, the big event may not be so profitable, and the new facilities may be forever empty after the games. Yes, there have been cases that host cities ended up with enormous debts.

Finally, let’s think about the low-income groups in the city. What will they get from the Olympics bidding? More tax, more fees, more expensive property prices, and higher cost of living. These definitely are not good news for them.

To bid or not to, this is a question. It is up to the choice of the municipal government, and the local public. After the decision, what they can do is to make the most of the benefit, and reduce the drawbacks to the least.
world of warcraft power leveling,
The excitement of Sydney 2000 Olympic Games lasted for a long time. 28 gold medals won by Chinese athletes dwarf our Asian nelghhors, heat quite a few hlg countries of sports, and surprise the two superpowers——the United States and the Russian Federation. The great success clearly indicates that a new superpower of sports is in embryo.

  Our success in the 27th Olympic Games is far beyond sports. First, the glory greatly enhances the international prestige of China. Through TV, people all over the world know more about New China, especially the dramatic progress made in the past two decades. Next, it greatly boosts the morale of our people. Billions of Chinese witnessed how the former ugly ducklings hecame China with the force of an avalanche. The successful stories or the Olymplc Medalists fuel the ambition of millions of Chinese youth. Finally, It heightens our selfconfidence and nationalism. China, a weak nation in sports in the past, has rapidly risen up and become one of the sports giants. Why couldn't she be a modernized China soon? What is more,the success has laid a firm foundation for Beijing to host the 2008 Olympic Games.
aoc power leveling
  The 27th Olimpic Games was over, but the Olympic Spirit lives on. In the race for a better nation,there is no finish line. If we keep on working hard, the day will certainly come when China will be a powerful country with international prestige.


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Champion d'arène.
Champion d'arène.

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Inscrit le: 11 Aoû 2009
Messages: 5

MessagePosté le: Mar 11 Aoû - 09:58 (2009)    Sujet du message: Rocky Flats group boosts efforts to grow jobs Répondre en citant

All you remember about your child being an infant is the incredible awe you felt about the precious miracle you created.

archlord gold, You remember having plenty of time to bestow all your wisdom

and knowledge. You thought your child would take all of your advice and make fewer mistakes, and be much smarter than you

were. You wished for your child to hurry and grow up.

All you remember about your child being two is never using the restroom alone or getting to watch a movie without talking

animals. You recall afternoons talking on the phone while crouching in the bedroom closet, and being convinced your child

would be the first Ivy League1 college student to graduate wearing pullovers2 at the ceremony.

buy archlord gold, You remember worrying about the bag of M&M"s melting in

your pocket and ruining your good dress. You wished for your child to be more independent.

All you remember about your child being five is the first day of school and finally having the house to yourself. You

remember joining the PTA3 and being elected president when you left a meeting to use the restroom.

archlord money, You remember being asked “Is Santa real?” and saying

“yes” because he had to be for a little bit longer. You remember shaking the sofa cushions for loose change4, so the

toothfairy5 could come and take away your child"s first lost tooth. You wished for your child to have all permanent teeth.

All you remember about your child being seven is the carpool6 schedule. You learned to apply makeup in two minutes and brush

your teeth in the rearview mirror1 because the only time you had to yourself was when you were

archlord power leveling, stopped at red lights.

You considered painting your car yellow and posting a “taxi” sign on the lawn next to the garage door. You remember people

staring at you, the few times you were out of the car, because you kept flexing2 your foot and making acceleration3 noises.

You wished for the day your child would learn how to drive.

All you remember about your child being ten is managing the school fundraisers. You sold wrapping paper for paint, T

shirts for new furniture, and magazine subscriptions4 for shade trees in the school playground.

aoc power leveling, You remember storing a hundred cases of candy bars in

the garage to sell so the school band could get new uniforms, and how they melted together on an unseasonably5 warm spring

afternoon. You wished your child would grow out of playing an instrument.

All you remember about your child being twelve is sitting in the stands6 during baseball practice and hoping your child"s

team would strike out7 fast because you had more important things to do at home. The coach didn"t understand how busy you

were. You wished the baseball season would be over soon.

All you remember about your child being fourteen is being asked not to stop the car in front of the school in the morning.

You had to drive two blocks further and unlock the doors without coming to a complete stop. You remember not getting to kiss

your child goodbye or talking to him in front of his friends. You wished your child would be more mature.

All you remember about your child being sixteen is loud music and undecipherable8 lyrics9 screamed to a rhythmic beat. You

wished for your child to grow up and leave home with the stereo.

All you remember about your child being eighteen is the day they were born and having all the time in the world.

And, as you walk through your quiet house, you wonder where they wentand you wish your child hadn"t grown up so fast.
All you remember

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Champion d'arène.

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Inscrit le: 24 Mai 2010
Messages: 5

MessagePosté le: Lun 24 Mai - 02:47 (2010)    Sujet du message: Rocky Flats group boosts efforts to grow jobs Répondre en citant

One of the most legendary athletes in the ancient world, Milo of Kroton, wore the victor's crown at Olympia no less than six times. Born in southern Italy, where Greece had many colonies, Milo won the boys' wrestling contest in 540 BCE.
wow power leveling,
He returned eight years later to win the first of five consecutive wrestling titles,wow power leveling a feat that seems incredible by modern standards. Rarely do modern-day Olympians compete in more than two or three Olympiads over the course of a career. Much like the boxer George Foreman, Milo resisted retirement: By the time of the 67th Olympiad in 512 BCE, Milo was probably forty or more years old but he competed anyhow. The challenger won not by overpowering Milo, but by avoiding the older wrestler and wearing him out.
aion kinah,
According to our ancient sources,aion kinah Milo enjoyed showing off his unrivaled strength. For instance, he would clasp a pomegranate in his hand and have others try to take it away from him. Even though he was holding it so tightly that no one could remove it, he never damaged the fruit. Sometimes, he would stand on a greased iron disk and challenge others to push him off of it. Another of his favorite exhibitions was tying a cord around his forehead, holding his breath, and breaking the cord with his bulging forehead veins. Other times, the wrestler would stand with his right arm at his side, his elbow against him, and hold out his hand with thumb pointed upwards and fingers spread. No one could successfully bend even his little finger.
wedding dresses,
Milo excelled even in warfare.wedding dresses When a neighboring town attacked Kroton, Milo entered the battle wearing his Olympic crowns and dressed like Herakles, in lion's skin and brandishing a club, and led his fellow citizens to victory.
cheap aion kinah,
A follower of the famous philosopher Pythagoras,cheap aion kinah Milo once saved his friends. It happened that the roof of the hall where the Pythagoreans were meeting began to collapse. Milo stood and supported the central pillar until the others escaped to safety and then dashed out, saving himself.
maple story mesos,
In the end, however,maple story mesos all of this fame and strength did not save Milo from a less than glorious death. Milo was wandering through the forest when he found an old tree trunk with wedges inserted into it. In an attempt to test his strength, Milo placed his hands and, perhaps his feet, into the cleft of the trunk and tried to split apart the wood. He succeeded in loosening the wedges, which fell out, but the trunk closed on his hands, trapping him. There, according to the tale,world of warcraft power leveling he fell prey to wild beasts.
world of warcraft power leveling,

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Inscrit le: 17 Juil 2010
Messages: 5

MessagePosté le: Sam 17 Juil - 09:21 (2010)    Sujet du message: Rocky Flats group boosts efforts to grow jobs Répondre en citant

Sunday, I and my father, mother, grandmother to go home. Grandma has a lovely family dog, whose name is called black. (Because its body is black, so we call it black.) It is a long head with a pair of clever ears, a particularly sensitive nose to sniff things, there are a pair of black shiny eyes.
Archlord gold,
Grandmother lived in the vegetable garden outside the village. Archlord gold We are just riding a motorcycle off the road, black from the vegetable plots ran the fastest to meet us. Because we go to when they are already fast at noon, so let's eat. I finished the meal, we went out looking for black to play.
world of  warcraft gold,
When I saw the black when it's like I feel it seems hungry.world of  warcraft gold I went to took a steamed bun, and then breaking off a small piece of the next, it said: "The black, if we should want to eat then." Finish, I put bread and threw the air. Black look, at once erected the whole body up. Should first
maple story mesos,
2 small black claws on the air, and then big mouth,maple story mesos jump up, suddenly bite of the bread. I jumped up and patted its head, saying: "Well like, black, you're a hummer!" It is a large black tail Shuaile Shuai and gently biting the bite of my Yijiao that agreed. "This time you can not unilaterally!"
2moons dil,  
 I am out of its non-preparation, 2moons dil again a small piece of bread a toss up. Black suddenly jump, followed by an urgent turn around, body up a jump, but also caught the. Well, I finished black, it, "Wang Wang" ground called the Liang Sheng, the two forepaws flat on their chests up and down swing, it seems to me to express gratitude.
sunglasses replica,
It is also very obedient black.sunglasses replica  Sometimes I find it very boring when will think of black. As long as I call out: "black, come." It will immediately go in front of me. I let it sit, it will sit down; I let it get on the ground it will get on the ground ... ...
fast wow gold,
There is a stranger comes,fast wow gold the black will "bark" to call non-stop, until their families, it is willing to stop. Sometimes it will put out his tongue was breathing heavily; sometimes it will turn a blind eye lying in repose on a haystack; sometimes it will smell the East, West to see; sometimes it pricked up his ears to listen; sometimes It will arrest cricket in the vegetable plots in the wheat ground chasing a hare ... ...
This is the black, my black classmates who do you think it is cute? 

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Inscrit le: 01 Sep 2011
Messages: 5

MessagePosté le: Ven 2 Sep - 02:37 (2011)    Sujet du message: Rocky Flats group boosts efforts to grow jobs Répondre en citant

Patch 4.3 for World of Warcraft will finally allow players to transmogrify their armor, that is, to combine the stats of one piece of gear with the appearance of another. Warlock T5 anyone?
An update to the official World of Warcraft website features a preview of Transmogrification in 4.3 along with image examples of the system in work.
The short of it is this, bring your coin and gear to your local Transmogrifier, place the items into the device, and voila! There are a few restrictions though, you can only transmogrify items that have statistics on them, you can't combine different weapon or armor types, and you must be able to actually wear the item(s) you're combining.
wow power leveling,  
maple story mesos,
RuneScape gold,
cheap wow gold,  
Final Fantasy XI Gil,  
ffxi power leveling,  
Age of Conan gold,

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MessagePosté le: Aujourd’hui à 11:10 (2018)    Sujet du message: Rocky Flats group boosts efforts to grow jobs

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